Kagan Turns Four, Festive Blog hop

This is for my grandson, Kagan.

Dinosaurs galore

T-Rex romping

Triceratops chomping

Pterodactyl flying

Busha buying

More, more, more . . .

Don’t let Kagan

in the Dollar store!

And then

Dragons descended

Fire breathing

Prey seeking

Fierce and loyal

Ruled the skies

In colors splendid.



Godzilla challenges

All who came before

Godzilla parts

On every floor.



Welcome to four

Can’t wait to see

What’s next in store

Oh no!

Christmas is here

And now


The Jurassic years.

Win a copy of Patchman by collecting all the words, including the one below on each of the blogs in the hop.

Hosted by karenjmossman.com

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