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The Frugal Author: Publish your book at little or no cost Kindle Edition

This is a book of knowledge.

This book draws on such experiences The Frugal Author’s trials and tribulations, wrong turns and dead-ends, the silly and foolish things he did, along with the wonderful, exciting and, eventually, successful stuff he learnt on his pathway to becoming ‘The Frugal Author’ he is today.

The tips and advice he shares here, are not schooled or studied academic theories. Neither are they slanted, influenced, funded, coerced or prejudiced by any commercial, business or sponsorship.

This book is full of the distilled results, the acquired knowledge and personal practice of being a successful, award-winning, Amazon bestselling indie author who dislikes paying out more than is necessary.

The Frugal Author is NOT a ‘how-to’ book. It is NOT a step by step guide or tuitional publication. The Frugal Author simply shares methodology, ideas and principles which you can adopt fully or partially, implement in part or whole over time and adjust to suit your working practices.

The Frugal Author has divided practices and methods into chapters for clear understanding and ease of reference. A bonus is the amount of associated information, links and ‘other useful stuff’ The Frugal Author kindly shares within these pages.



Lots of Author Stuff You Need to Know

Is the book which has the answers to those questions which have been plaguing you for an age. The ones you really want to know the answers to but were afraid to ask.

Well, fear not.

No longer will you have to suffer indignation by posting a ‘silly’ question on social media or staying up all night surfing the Internet for answers.

The answers you are looking for are all here, all in one place, between the covers of Lots of Author Stuff You Need to Know.
Whatever your experience, whether you are a total novice or a seasoned veteran author, Lots of Author Stuff You Need to Know will be your favourite indie author guide.



The Electric Eclectic Authors Journal is more than a notebook.

Although we give you an abundance of space for taking notes, sketching, making memos, and jotting down your thoughts, we include helpful pages containing hints, prompts, and ideas for creating and naming your characters, generating suspense, solving mysteries, designing plot twists, and many more helpful inclusions you can use when planning, working on your stories construction and writing you book.