Stone Cold, a creepy story for Halloween

YA Horror

‘Karina draws a thin line between FACT & FICTION.’

If being bullied through every school Billy went to wasn’t enough, being attacked in her own home just pushed her over the edge.

Now severely depressed and suicidal, Billy takes matters into her own hands and sees a counsellor. After just one session, she’s now on her way to Scotland as a volunteer to help the Professor of Edinburgh university, dig and clean up an archaeological site that has just been discovered.

Although she tries to shy away from the others, not wanting them to find a reason to dislike her, she’s soon accepted as one of them. Without realising it’s happening, she becomes closer to Shane, a motocross enthusiast who has taken her under his wing.

However, whilst working at the site, Billy comes across an unusual stone. She takes it to the Professor to be looked at, but he dismisses it as a pendant probably dropped by a hiker and so threads the stone with a black leather cord and gives it back to Billy.

Only the peace they once had, the friendships they had all formed, get tested as bodies start to pile up.

“A suspenseful short supernatural horror that kept me hooked right up to the last page – I loved the twist at the end.”

A Brand New Addition to Our Electric Eclectic Family

Introducing an exciting new novella by Tony McManus.

Set in Manchester, England and Chiang Mai, Thailand, Ray is a powerful story of abandonment, rejection and betrayal. But also a story of fulfillment, enduring love, an unquenchable friendship and a paradise found.

The author does an excellent job of adding mystery and all the while drawing you into the characters. It may only be small, but this book pulls no punches. It takes you on a journey, from Manchester, via the Isle of Man, over to Bangkok where it finishes up.

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To learn more about Tony and his books visit his website. You will also find some short stories to read too.

Don’t Drive By Without Stopping

A Short Hot Romantic Read


Cara had been writing romance since before the break-up of her relationship at college. Although only fairly successful, a chance encounter on her way home from a Book Signing was just what she needed.

Ewan had seen the blond beauty in her red Jaguar F-Type as he drove home from what had turned out to be a career changing day. He could still scarcely believe that he was the Super Bike World Champion but all that fled from his mind when he spotted her. He tried to forget her as they parted ways on the road, but it didn’t work and he had turned around hoping to chase her down. Seeing her parked in a lay-by was just the opportunity he needed to take the plunge.

However, both Cara and Ewan left their lay-by liaison only knowing each other’s first name. The next morning Cara had the advantage of seeing the sports news, but could she take the risk of getting back in touch with him? Would her fears from the past come back to haunt her? Was she just a brief distraction after an adrenaline fuelled day?
Find out how things play out between Cara and Ewan, with a little help from both of their friends Tania and Grayson.

‘I really enjoyed this short book. I love the cover because it depicts the story perfectly. Hot guy, pretty girl. Great romance read, and steamy too!’

Amazon Reviewer

Dare you Venture into The Dark Valley?

‘I would describe this story as a grown up fairy tale. It has dark depths but presented in such a way that it isn’t scary. A magical world where there are evil Crones, old women who are witches and the Trolls, described as ‘A nasty looking creature with green skin and sprouts of black hair sticking up off its head. Its body is round and short, ending with stubby legs and large feet.’

Karen J Mossman


The Dark Valley is a YA Fantasy portraying a strong woman and a start to a romance.

A dark fairy tale with some not very likeable creatures called Trolls who run mines to source precious gems. 

The Crones are witch-like characters who want what every older woman wants – to be young and pretty. They also have magical powers, and they take the soul of the young people to help them achieve this. That is until along came Clarissa who is determined to break the curse on their valley.

I hope you enjoy the story, written in British English, and if you do, why not seek out some of my other work, too?

Claire is a multi genre author and has many books to her name.

Left Wanton in Bangkok? Not for long!

‘In his latest Mike Villiers novella, Tony McManus gets down and dirty on the seamy, corrupt side of life in the Land of Lawless Smiles. In this tale of retribution, Villiers engages ex veteran Jack Miner to help take down those responsible for the death of a Phuket-based American – including the Chalern crime family.
The narrative is fast and relentless: Tony McManus is not one for wasting words.
An excellent, quick read; and highly recommended for fans of a good action yarn (with a lovely twist at the end).’

Writer of Thrillers and Crime Fiction


Crime pays in Thailand. Big time.
Corruption and graft is rampant among its power elites.
It’s mafias, and family crime clans rule. Thai politicians, police, courts and military brass are in their pockets.
Preying on foreigners and ripping off their property is one of the lucrative games they play. And if the
victim fights back, unpleasant things including serious violence, and death befall them.

For Ray Coombs the island of Phuket was paradise. He .married a beautiful girl. He built a beautiful home.
Life was perfect. Then the bad men came and took it from him. He fought back. What followed wasn’t nice.
Then Mike Villiers got involved.

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Tony McManus

Would You Like to Fly?

Ka, half raptor and half man, must undertake three tests to become a member of the elite Icarian Squadron, flyers who dedicate themselves to the destruction of Summia and to an alliance with Imperiana. In order for him to succeed, he must first overcome his own fears, but in the process he discovers how Imperiana has manipulated the trials and Ka’s own emotional needs. Captain Harriman, under Imperial command, is ordered to make sure the fledgling flyers bow to Imperiana’s control. Will Ka be able to survive the trials and become an Icarian as his father was in the first war between Imperiana and Summia, or will his failure lead to disgrace and exile from the Rookery?

At 113 pages, this is a great book to kick back and relax with.

I loved it. Very imaginative. Who among us wouldn’t love to be able to fly in more than our dreams? I look forward to reading more.

Amazon Reviewer

Pretty cool story… like the plot and development of characters and the flow of the story for emotion and feels… .. .. nice easy read

Amazon Reviewer

More about Rick and his wonderful books can be found right here

A Spooky Read for Halloween

A Reviewer said:

So this one was pretty interesting actually, a very cool and very eclectic collection of stories.
All of them were very compelling in their way, they were a little of everything and that was a good look on the book because it has something for everyone, in this type of flash shorts it’s a very amazing approach.
In a way it seemed very fresh to me and that they are so short made them super exciting too, because you have less room to get lost and just get faster with the idea.

At thirty-six pages long this little book packs a heck of a punch.

A Flash Of Horror is a collection of short and flash fiction from my two collections Heads & Tales and Undressed.
12 chilling and thought-provoking tales that will stay with you for nights to come.
Are you ready to delve into the dark side?

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