Diary of a Covid Sufferer by Karina Kantas

Most people think Covid has gone away, it hasn’t. It’s still lurking. Our author Karina Kantas is keeper a diary on her blog. Follow her here.

This is my personal journey as a sufferer of Covid. It will be updated every day so make sure to follow the blog and come back DAY ONE We managed to …

Diary of a Covid Sufferer

The Latest Electric Eclectic Book

Bangkok Wanton, Tony McManus’s gripping crime drama, the second book in the Mike Villiers Series, is the latest Electric Eclectic book.

Crime pays in Thailand. Big time. Corruption and graft are rampant among its powerful elites. It’s mafias, and family crime clans rule. Thai politicians, police, courts, and military brass are in their pockets.

For Ray Coombs, life was perfect, until the bad men took it from him. What followed wasn’t nice. Then Mike Villiers got involved.

“Tony McManus gets down and dirty on the seamy, corrupt side of life in the Land of Lawless Smiles. The narrative is fast and relentless”

BANGKOK WANTON, an Electric Eclectic eBook/Kindle, from Tony McManus