Life with a Hearing Impairment by Claire Plaisted

Claire, the author of The Dark Valley, shares her personal insight in living with hearing loss.

I’m not sure I’ve ever told you about my hearing impairment. Technically I’m deaf without hearing aids, even though I can still hear sounds to a …

Life with a Hearing Impairment

100 Word Story #25 Carla by Tony McManus

Our author Tony McManus has written this little story, so we thought we’d share it here, too.

The #100wordstory is just that, exactly one hundred words long. If you have a story that fits this criteria. Email me, I would love to feature you.  …

100 Word Story #25 Carla by Tony McManus

Books, A Poem by Rick Stepp-Bolling

Pages with the scent

of history

roughly cut

bound by mystery

hard covers

letters ingrained

textured so my fingers

can read

while lips silently

caress the language

of writers

as lovers do.

Feel the fullness

of each page

thick, musty

with a hint of cinnamon.

Uneven type

but I’m lost

in a world of words

never noticing

a careless font

just pictures in my head

and even the words


until the harsh reality

of The End.

Find out about Rick’s books here on Amazon.

Dear mary by karina kantas

We pulled alongside the ship. Its ancient sails still blowing although torn and ragged. The sails were still strong enough to push the ship through the cold and murky sea.

Our crew have been looking for this ship for a very long time. We are a team of investigators that hunt for strange and unexplained happenings on the sea.

There have been so many sighting of ghosts ships but none more than The Mary Celeste, a French clipper that disappeared in the 19th century but had been sighted many times in the distance, but then vanished through a misty haze of fog.

We were the first to have boarded the ghost ship, at least to our knowledge. You could feel the history, the creeks of the wood as we stepped on the bridge and went below to the Galley.

Whispers and ghostly voices followed us. But this wasn’t our first rodeo and anticipation and not fear, drove us on as we travelled through the empty ship.

It wasn’t until we entered the Keel that we first smelt the odour of burnt wood, but then we felt the blazing heat. We ran through to the middle of the ship, pushing the now closed hatches that were stuck solid from age, but we knew differently.

We choked on the smoke as it reached our lungs before the whole ship caught on fire. It was then we heard the ghostly laughter as we all realized that we had not boarded a ghost ship but a Fire Ship. Our screams echoed as the blaze burnt through our clothes and melted our skin. All that was left were ashes that blew away as the ship sailed off into the misty fog.

Karina Kantas © 2021

Karina is a prolific author of 14 fiction novels. She’s also a podcaster, radio host, BookTuber, and a multi-award-winning filmmaker.
You can find all her links and online presence on LinkTree.

Kagan Turns Four, Festive Blog hop

This is for my grandson, Kagan.

Dinosaurs galore

T-Rex romping

Triceratops chomping

Pterodactyl flying

Busha buying

More, more, more . . .

Don’t let Kagan

in the Dollar store!

And then

Dragons descended

Fire breathing

Prey seeking

Fierce and loyal

Ruled the skies

In colors splendid.



Godzilla challenges

All who came before

Godzilla parts

On every floor.



Welcome to four

Can’t wait to see

What’s next in store

Oh no!

Christmas is here

And now


The Jurassic years.

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One Christmas, An Anglesey Story

From awarding winning Electric Eclectic author Karen J Mossman, comes a heart-warming Christmas tale.

Tina tells the story of what happened one Christmas time.

Who knew life could change so drastically from one heartbeat to the next. One second, you’re full of wonderous joy, the next …

The holidays are a festive time. For Tina and her family, Christmas is the most magical of all. The tastes, smells, laughter – even the complaints are a part of the traditions and vital to the memories. But one Christmas, tragedy struck and changed everything…

Will Tina be able to rediscover the magic, or has her joy been lost forever?

One Christmas has been rewritten and published by Norns Triad Publications with a beautiful new cover. Available as an eBook and paperback.

At 54 pages long it’s a perfect story to sit beside the Christmas tree with and read over a weekend.

A rollercoaster of emotion, Tina’s tale will melt your heart and take you on a journey as she learns to live and love again.

Karen believes in the happy ever after and wants you to close the last page with a warm glow in your heart.

If you preorder, the eBook will land on your kindle on the 5th of December. Alternatively, order a paperback on publication day. It will make a beautiful gift for your friends and family.

This is a taster of what you will find inside.


So, there we were – Elis and I – sitting together. Elis chatted about his job as a pilot trainer at RAF Valley. I enjoyed the stories he told of the new candidates who took to the skies for the first time. As he spoke, we held hands across the table. The way his fingers felt gave me a connection that excluded everyone else as I listened. 

“You’re exquisite when you look at me like that,” he said, interrupting his story. 

I continued to stare into his eyes, losing myself in their depths. “That’s because I’m listening to every word. You don’t know how sexy your voice sounds.” 

Elis grinned, and my heart fluttered. His eyes flicked right.  

I glanced to see what caught his attention.  There was a woman walking through the room, watching us. 


I spun around and gave her a death glare.  

My sister froze, throwing me a sheepish grin.  ‘Going to the toilet,’ she mouthed and pointed in that direction. 

Leaning back in the chair, I let out a loud sigh. “Elis, meet my sister, Dawn.” 

Karen J Mossman based the book on the area she lives. Anglesey is an island off the north Wales coast.

Published by Norns Triad Publications

Victory 75, Wartime Stories

By Karen J Mossman

I loved being involved in this anthology. Having such great writers Jane Risdon and Julia Blake join us in this collection, really makes it outstanding.

My story gave me an opportunity to write about my grandfather’s wartime experiences. Audrina Lane did the same with hers and we both shared them on this blog when the book first came out.

The Story Behind The Dome of St Paul’s

The Story Behind the 99th Squadron

Stone Cold, a creepy story for Halloween

YA Horror

‘Karina draws a thin line between FACT & FICTION.’

If being bullied through every school Billy went to wasn’t enough, being attacked in her own home just pushed her over the edge.

Now severely depressed and suicidal, Billy takes matters into her own hands and sees a counsellor. After just one session, she’s now on her way to Scotland as a volunteer to help the Professor of Edinburgh university, dig and clean up an archaeological site that has just been discovered.

Although she tries to shy away from the others, not wanting them to find a reason to dislike her, she’s soon accepted as one of them. Without realising it’s happening, she becomes closer to Shane, a motocross enthusiast who has taken her under his wing.

However, whilst working at the site, Billy comes across an unusual stone. She takes it to the Professor to be looked at, but he dismisses it as a pendant probably dropped by a hiker and so threads the stone with a black leather cord and gives it back to Billy.

Only the peace they once had, the friendships they had all formed, get tested as bodies start to pile up.

“A suspenseful short supernatural horror that kept me hooked right up to the last page – I loved the twist at the end.”

A Brand New Addition to Our Electric Eclectic Family

Introducing an exciting new novella by Tony McManus.

Set in Manchester, England and Chiang Mai, Thailand, Ray is a powerful story of abandonment, rejection and betrayal. But also a story of fulfillment, enduring love, an unquenchable friendship and a paradise found.

The author does an excellent job of adding mystery and all the while drawing you into the characters. It may only be small, but this book pulls no punches. It takes you on a journey, from Manchester, via the Isle of Man, over to Bangkok where it finishes up.

Read the full review

To learn more about Tony and his books visit his website. You will also find some short stories to read too.