Dear mary by karina kantas

We pulled alongside the ship. Its ancient sails still blowing although torn and ragged. The sails were still strong enough to push the ship through the cold and murky sea.

Our crew have been looking for this ship for a very long time. We are a team of investigators that hunt for strange and unexplained happenings on the sea.

There have been so many sighting of ghosts ships but none more than The Mary Celeste, a French clipper that disappeared in the 19th century but had been sighted many times in the distance, but then vanished through a misty haze of fog.

We were the first to have boarded the ghost ship, at least to our knowledge. You could feel the history, the creeks of the wood as we stepped on the bridge and went below to the Galley.

Whispers and ghostly voices followed us. But this wasn’t our first rodeo and anticipation and not fear, drove us on as we travelled through the empty ship.

It wasn’t until we entered the Keel that we first smelt the odour of burnt wood, but then we felt the blazing heat. We ran through to the middle of the ship, pushing the now closed hatches that were stuck solid from age, but we knew differently.

We choked on the smoke as it reached our lungs before the whole ship caught on fire. It was then we heard the ghostly laughter as we all realized that we had not boarded a ghost ship but a Fire Ship. Our screams echoed as the blaze burnt through our clothes and melted our skin. All that was left were ashes that blew away as the ship sailed off into the misty fog.

Karina Kantas © 2021

Karina is a prolific author of 14 fiction novels. She’s also a podcaster, radio host, BookTuber, and a multi-award-winning filmmaker.
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