Author Assist by Karen J Mossman

Author Assist is run by Karina Kantas, author of Electric Eclectic Books, Flash of Horror and Toxic, and has been in business since 2015 . She has single -handily helped and trained 100s of authors on how to market and promote themselves and their books.

I’ve been using Karina for many years now and she has literally taught me everything I know. She is wonderfully helpful and deserves to go through to the next round.

This second round of this contest would mean so much especially as she is head to head with the ‘big boys’ . The only way to compete again them is for people like you to vote.

So, please, if you can, take minute, to vote, it would really help and be gratefully appreciated. You may need to register first, but that’s just so they know who is voting and enable you to go back and vote again.

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