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Pocketbooks by Karen J Mossman
WRITER BEWARE, featuring Brian O’Hare
Do You Know What An Indie Author is?  by Karen J Mossman
Answering Questions by Karen J Mossman
Author Resources by Paul White
Give your books their best chance by Paul White
Orphans of the pen  by Paul White
A short story for your enjoyment…
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Stories From the Past by Karen Mossman
Author Assist by Karen J Mossman
VJ Day/Singapore surrender. A family witness.
A Tip for Authors
August edition of the Electric Press magazine is now live online…
Don’t Tell a Writer Your Secrets!
Peter Peter comes to Electric Eclectic… but not as you know him…
Your Story
Pictures Telling Stories
Sinner Sid by Jack Kregas
Do You Know What an Indie Author is?
Victory 75 from Electric Eclectic
The easy way to find bestselling books
Illusional Reality
Electric Press, May 2020, ‘Out Now’
Electric Eclectic Authors
The Fun of Fairy Tales by Karen J Mossman
Suppression… a short story.
Two books ALL authors NEED
An update…
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Call for submissions
The Dark Valley, the new release from Electric Eclectic
The Secret Entity by Paul White
The Mystery of Missing People by Karen J Mossman
Railways, nostalgia, memories and time travel. by Paul White
Readers; important dates for your diary. by Paul White
Where did Wally Twitchett come from? by Paul White
Writing for Healing by Paul White
A Poem for Valentine’s Day by Paul White
Electric Press magazine: February edition, now out.
What are Electric Eclectic ‘Pocketbooks’?
One Winter Morning – Flash Fiction by C A Keith
Free Books
Rescue Me
The Adventures of Cassidy Newbold by Karen J Mossman
Answering Questions… by Paul White
Behind the Paint by Paul White
A River, a Walk & a Blue Horse by Paul White
Creepy Things by Karen J Mossman
If creativity flows, don’t question it. Are you writing divine fiction?
by Paul White
A Flash of Horror by Karina Kantas
Bonfire Heart; a preview by Audrina Lane
A New Summer Garden by Paul White