Left Wanton in Bangkok? Not for long!

‘In his latest Mike Villiers novella, Tony McManus gets down and dirty on the seamy, corrupt side of life in the Land of Lawless Smiles. In this tale of retribution, Villiers engages ex veteran Jack Miner to help take down those responsible for the death of a Phuket-based American – including the Chalern crime family.
The narrative is fast and relentless: Tony McManus is not one for wasting words.
An excellent, quick read; and highly recommended for fans of a good action yarn (with a lovely twist at the end).’

Writer of Thrillers and Crime Fiction


Crime pays in Thailand. Big time.
Corruption and graft is rampant among its power elites.
It’s mafias, and family crime clans rule. Thai politicians, police, courts and military brass are in their pockets.
Preying on foreigners and ripping off their property is one of the lucrative games they play. And if the
victim fights back, unpleasant things including serious violence, and death befall them.

For Ray Coombs the island of Phuket was paradise. He .married a beautiful girl. He built a beautiful home.
Life was perfect. Then the bad men came and took it from him. He fought back. What followed wasn’t nice.
Then Mike Villiers got involved.

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Tony McManus

Would You Like to Fly?

Ka, half raptor and half man, must undertake three tests to become a member of the elite Icarian Squadron, flyers who dedicate themselves to the destruction of Summia and to an alliance with Imperiana. In order for him to succeed, he must first overcome his own fears, but in the process he discovers how Imperiana has manipulated the trials and Ka’s own emotional needs. Captain Harriman, under Imperial command, is ordered to make sure the fledgling flyers bow to Imperiana’s control. Will Ka be able to survive the trials and become an Icarian as his father was in the first war between Imperiana and Summia, or will his failure lead to disgrace and exile from the Rookery?

At 113 pages, this is a great book to kick back and relax with.

I loved it. Very imaginative. Who among us wouldn’t love to be able to fly in more than our dreams? I look forward to reading more.

Amazon Reviewer

Pretty cool story… like the plot and development of characters and the flow of the story for emotion and feels… .. .. nice easy read

Amazon Reviewer

More about Rick and his wonderful books can be found right here

A Spooky Read for Halloween

A Reviewer said:

So this one was pretty interesting actually, a very cool and very eclectic collection of stories.
All of them were very compelling in their way, they were a little of everything and that was a good look on the book because it has something for everyone, in this type of flash shorts it’s a very amazing approach.
In a way it seemed very fresh to me and that they are so short made them super exciting too, because you have less room to get lost and just get faster with the idea.

At thirty-six pages long this little book packs a heck of a punch.

A Flash Of Horror is a collection of short and flash fiction from my two collections Heads & Tales and Undressed.
12 chilling and thought-provoking tales that will stay with you for nights to come.
Are you ready to delve into the dark side?

Karina’s Other Books

Victory 75, an Anthology

This is Electric Eclectic’s Storybook celebrating the 75th VE-Day anniversary 8th May 2020.

These tales are dedicated to all the brave and unsung heroes who made victory possible by their sacrifice.

While each story carries a personal dedication, each is written with respect and gratitude to all those who gave their lives for our libery and freedoms.

Contributing Authors and Their Stories

The Dome of St Paul’s Karen J Mossman

Patricia, Annie and Jean by Paul White

Butterflies of Dunkirk by Claire Plaisted

Rosemary for Remembrance By Julia Blake

We’ll Meet Again by Jane Risdon

99th Squadron by Audrina Lane

Read the story behind Karen’s The Dome of St Paul’s.

Read the story of Audrina’s 99th Squadron

Down by the River by Karen J Mossman

It’s back! After being unpublished for almost a year, Down by the River has had a rewrite and now back on sale.


Shelby’s vision brings her home to the place she tried so hard to escape from.

Her best friend, Mary-Jo, has gone missing. When her body turns up by the river, Shelby’s visions become more disturbing.

Who is the killer?

Why is her vision so incomplete?

Rawden Hughes, the town’s sheriff, blighted their childhood. Did he make a claim on her that went wrong? Or could it be Mary-Jo’s drifter boyfriend, who was driven out of town for a crime never proved?

Returning to her childhood home, Shelby has to face her drunken Pa and the crumbling old house she grew up in.

Can she confront her past, whilst dealing with the guilt of leaving behind her best friend?

With the truth revealed, will it finally set her free?

‘A dark and foreboding tale to enthral you.”

What the Reviewers Say:

‘A great little read I finished in one sitting. Perfect for busy days! Well written and atmospheric, and is about Shelby, a young girl who fled her drunken father after the death of her mother. She’s back in town to visit her friend Mary – Jo but discovers she is missing. When her body is found by the river, all fingers point to her bad guy boyfriend, Ricky. But all is not as it seems and Shelby is determined to discover the truth. A great read which left me wanting more!

– Chanatkins

This is the first story I have read by this author. For such a short story, it was very deep. The characters were relatable and real to life. I’d love to find out more about these characters.

Karen J Mossman did an excellent job of appealing to my emotions and keeping me on the edge of my seat. Only problem – I didn’t want it to end.

Amazon Customer

You got any ideas? — Ramblings from a Writer’s Mind

(A short story ©Paul White) She is a 1970 Dodge Challenger RT. Ya know the one, like was in that film, vanishing something… anyways, when I got her she was as rusty and as bent as an old pie tin in a trash can. Now, ha, well. I’ve sorta darned gone an put my mark […]

You got any ideas? — Ramblings from a Writer’s Mind

Our Latest Short Story from Karen J Mossman

We have a whole library of free short stories, all genres and lengths. if you do read one, leave a review in the comments.

Meanwhile, I’ve revamped a story I wrote many years ago. If you like short, twist in the tail stories, you might like this.

Oh, Dobbin.

A short story by Paul White.

A short while ago I began reading some of my old journals. I have kept a diary since, well, I suppose from the day I learnt to string two sentences together.

Much of the content of my diaries are pretty mundane. For instance, I could tell you what the weather was like on a Sunday six years ago, or which bar I went into to celebrate passing my driving examination.

Yeah, boring!

Yet, now and again I recorded an event which, on reading them back, makes me laugh, cry, or as in the tale I am about to reveal to you, blush with embarrassment.

To place this story in context I need to tell you a little about myself. My name is Heather. I am 32 years old and single, not having found the right Mr. Right… yet.

I consider myself a modern woman, one with a balanced outlook on life. I guess you could say I am Miss average. The only thing that is not average is my sex drive. I enjoy sex immensely. However, this is not really a story about sex per se.

Now, when I say sex, I do not mean to infer I am a loose woman or one who indulges in strings of one-night stands. I am not a nymphomaniac. On the relationship front, my record is back to being a Miss average and no, I do not sleep with anyone on a first date.

As Miss average, regarding relationships, I spend most nights alone. This is where my craving for sex, and not having a partner to satisfy my needs are in discord. To help balance this fact I have a few toys because, as you know, passion comes in many forms, and one night’s want often differs from another, so the toys I own have been selected with care to satisfy my needs according to my moods, wants, and desires at any given time.

This brings me to my journal entry of two years ago. It is from the day I was moving home.

The last few pieces of furniture, a comfy reading chair, a computer desk, and my bed were the last items I needed to move to my new house. My nephew John, my sister’s eldest boy, was kindly helping me to move these as he owned a transit van, which would save me paying for a removals company.

The last item to be shifted was my bed. This was a divan. A solid base, which is luckily divided into two, making moving it easy, topped with a pocket sprung mattress. The mattress was quite heavy and cumbersome. Something I knew from changing the fitted sheets and pushing the bed aside to vacuum underneath. John and I decided we would lift the mattress, push it off the far side of the bed and onto its side, and then slide it through the bedroom doorway.

We lifted the mattress in unison, revealing what I stored between the mattress and the bed base. It was ‘Dobbin’. The largest of all my sex toys, and named as such because of its equine proportions.

I uncontrollably gasped out, “Oh, Dobbin.”

To give John his due, he simply let the mattress fall back and said, “I think we need a break from all this lifting. How about you make a cuppa? I’ll just nip out for a smoke.” And with that, he exited the room swiftly.

Just to make it clear, Dobbin is long and black, with a proportionate girth. He has moulded veins and glans, and is described as ‘Realistic, firm, yet comfortably cushioned’. The company that produces him say, Dobbin is the closest vibrator to the real thing a woman can own. As yet, I cannot confirm this, as I have not found any ‘real thing’ that measures up to him.

I was left standing, biting my bottom lip and cursing myself for not remembering to pack Dobbin into a box. The thing was, Dobbin is far too large to store in the bedside drawers, so I keep him under the mattress where he is, normally, out of sight.

I removed Dobbin, popping him into a carrier bag and, as discreetly as I could, took him into the kitchen, where I made us each a mug of tea.

The drive to my new home and the unloading were carried out with very little conversation. Neither of us knew what to say and, clearly, did not want to refer to this embarrassing incident.

However, this is not the end of the tale.

Several weeks later I was at a family christening, when John came over to me, asking if I had settled into my new home.

He then continued by saying, “Aunt Heather, have you ever considered the reason you are still single is that you have never found a man who… um… measures up to Dobbin?”

My mouth fell open.

“Don’t worry,” John said, “I haven’t told anyone, not even Chrissy.” Chrissy is John’s fiancée. With those words left hanging in the air, he was off, circulating the room and chatting with the other guests.

John’s words got me thinking. Maybe he was right. So, next week I am appearing on a TV show. You may have watched it. It’s called Naked Attraction.’

The benefit is, that I get to go on a date with one of six men I select based on their physical attributes. Top of my list was that all the contestants must be ‘Hung like a Horse.’

Wish me luck.


Diary of a Covid Sufferer by Karina Kantas

Most people think Covid has gone away, it hasn’t. It’s still lurking. Our author Karina Kantas is keeper a diary on her blog. Follow her here.

This is my personal journey as a sufferer of Covid. It will be updated every day so make sure to follow the blog and come back DAY ONE We managed to …

Diary of a Covid Sufferer

The Latest Electric Eclectic Book

Bangkok Wanton, Tony McManus’s gripping crime drama, the second book in the Mike Villiers Series, is the latest Electric Eclectic book.

Crime pays in Thailand. Big time. Corruption and graft are rampant among its powerful elites. It’s mafias, and family crime clans rule. Thai politicians, police, courts, and military brass are in their pockets.

For Ray Coombs, life was perfect, until the bad men took it from him. What followed wasn’t nice. Then Mike Villiers got involved.

“Tony McManus gets down and dirty on the seamy, corrupt side of life in the Land of Lawless Smiles. The narrative is fast and relentless”

BANGKOK WANTON, an Electric Eclectic eBook/Kindle, from Tony McManus