Please read carefully.

Submissions not following these requirements will not be considered for entry into the Electric Eclectic Novella Fiction Prize 2020.

No refund of the entry fee(s) will be given under any circumstance

The first step is to email requesting an official entry form.

You will be sent your Unique Entry Identification Number (UEIN)

Use your UEIN as your entry fee payment reference (£10.00 GBP) payable via PayPal only. (details will be sent with your UEIN.)

Once your entrance fee is received, your official entry form will be sent to you.

NOTE: Not all word processing programs are equal, especially when it comes to what is needed for electronic editing and electronic typesetting. Some programs simply have too many complications, like hidden codes built into them, which is why we accept submissions ONLY on Microsoft Word docs/dox, sent as attached documents and not in the body of an email or in pdf format.

  • Entries must be between 20,000 words minimum and 30,000 words maximum.
  • Submissions must be in Microsoft Word Doc/Docx format.
  • Submitted manuscripts must include the stories title, authors name, page number, total page count, and unique entry identification number at the top of all pages. These may be placed in the header.
  • Footers are NOT to be used
  • Times New Roman 12pt
  • 1.5-line space.
  • Aligned left.
  • NO indentations
  • Double spaced between paragraphs.


  • Chapter Headings: bold and centred, not in caps, with chapter numbers written out. Example:

Chapter One

  • Do not underline anything.
  • Any desired sub-headings may be placed under the “Chapter” heading.
  • Each chapter must begin at the top of a new page, 1.5 spaces down.
  • Scene & Time (Transition) Breaks: Must be centred and look like this; three asterisks only:


  • All numbers below 100 to be written out; example: ninety-nine.
  • Age is written out as one-year-old if it is used as an adjective. e. “Taylor is a one-year-old girl.” Otherwise, no hyphens.
  • Italics: Please utilize italics when you want italics. Do not underline anything in your manuscript.


  • Completed entries must be forwarded to NO other communications are to be sent to this address.
  • All other communications to  including requests for entry forms
  • ALL Electric Eclectic Novella Fiction Prize 2020 entries MUST be on the official submissions form and clearly show each entries Unique Entry Identification Number (UEIN) on all pages.

Full terms and conditions at: