Left Wanton in Bangkok? Not for long!

‘In his latest Mike Villiers novella, Tony McManus gets down and dirty on the seamy, corrupt side of life in the Land of Lawless Smiles. In this tale of retribution, Villiers engages ex veteran Jack Miner to help take down those responsible for the death of a Phuket-based American – including the Chalern crime family.
The narrative is fast and relentless: Tony McManus is not one for wasting words.
An excellent, quick read; and highly recommended for fans of a good action yarn (with a lovely twist at the end).’

Writer of Thrillers and Crime Fiction


Crime pays in Thailand. Big time.
Corruption and graft is rampant among its power elites.
It’s mafias, and family crime clans rule. Thai politicians, police, courts and military brass are in their pockets.
Preying on foreigners and ripping off their property is one of the lucrative games they play. And if the
victim fights back, unpleasant things including serious violence, and death befall them.

For Ray Coombs the island of Phuket was paradise. He .married a beautiful girl. He built a beautiful home.
Life was perfect. Then the bad men came and took it from him. He fought back. What followed wasn’t nice.
Then Mike Villiers got involved.

Download Bangkok Wanton Here

Tony McManus

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