Dare you Venture into The Dark Valley?

‘I would describe this story as a grown up fairy tale. It has dark depths but presented in such a way that it isn’t scary. A magical world where there are evil Crones, old women who are witches and the Trolls, described as ‘A nasty looking creature with green skin and sprouts of black hair sticking up off its head. Its body is round and short, ending with stubby legs and large feet.’

Karen J Mossman


The Dark Valley is a YA Fantasy portraying a strong woman and a start to a romance.

A dark fairy tale with some not very likeable creatures called Trolls who run mines to source precious gems. 

The Crones are witch-like characters who want what every older woman wants – to be young and pretty. They also have magical powers, and they take the soul of the young people to help them achieve this. That is until along came Clarissa who is determined to break the curse on their valley.

I hope you enjoy the story, written in British English, and if you do, why not seek out some of my other work, too?

Claire is a multi genre author and has many books to her name.

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