The Killer on the Heath – Coming Soon by Karen J Mossman

Coming soon to Electric Eclectic books is the first of a trilogy featuring Cassie Newbold, a clairvoyant and empath. The first book, this one, will be available soon for pre-order. Meanwhile, we do have some ARCs (Advanced Readers Copies) to give out in exchange for a review. If you are interested, contact me here by email.

Description (subject to change)

Cassie, a clairvoyant and empath, is asked to help her brother, a detective, to find a killer. Following in the footsteps of where a woman’s body is found, Cassie sees and feels him. Imagine her shock when a few days later he walks into the café she is in. 

Waiting for Seb to arrive, and a confrontation she shouldn’t have started, the killer leaves. Despite being told not to, she follows him and almost becomes his next victim.  

At one of her clairvoyant sessions, Pedro comes looking for his missing sister, but Cassie is unable to help him and they date instead.  

When the killer is apprehended, Cassie sits in on the interview and realises that Chantelle, Pedro’s sister is also his victim. He is desperate for news, but she cannot tell him she is involved for fear of damaging their relationship. Unfortunately, Cassie hadn’t counted on his mother for doing that.  

After a startling revelation, the hunt for Chantelle becomes even more urgent. Can she read the signs presented to her, and find the place Chantelle is hidden? 

I haven’t perfected the description as yet, but this will give you a taster of what the story is about. It will change as it goes through the editing process.


My blood ran cold. It was the man on the heath. Older and jowlier than I had envisioned, neither had I seen his pot belly. There was a similarity to the drawing, but not enough to be a good likeness.

I shook my head in response to his question, feeling too stunned to speak. How could this be possible? Here, of all places? 

His forehead jutted out and his hair was side parted, hanging scruffily over his face. A nose that was pointed, and jowls that wobbled round his double chin. His features were more pronounced than I had described. 

Pulling out my phone, I selected my brother’s name and listened to it ringing. “Cassie,” he answered on the fourth ring. “I’m just in the middle of something—”

How could he sit there drinking coffee as if he had not a care in the world? 

“I’ve got him,” I whispered, my hand cupped over the mouthpiece, cutting him off before he hung up on me. 

“Got who?” His voice was suddenly alert.

“The man from the heath.”  

Staring at the side of his head, I could not take my eyes from him, still unable to fathom how ordinary he looked when he carried such a dark secret. I had expected him to look like the monster he was. 

Although this is, at times, a dark a story. I have also included touches of humour, like the time Cassie gets caught in a compromising position by the mother of her boyfriend. And not for the first time.

“You can stop that right now!” A shrill voice crashed into us, throwing us apart guiltily. His mother was standing in the doorway looking at us, and for a fraction of a second her eyes were on my chest. Once more she captured me in a compromising position. I felt like a child being caught doing something I shouldn’t. What is it with this woman? Couldn’t she have just waited until we returned? For pity’s sake!

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