Short Stories

by Karen J Mossman

Some writers don’t like or can’t write short stories and this came as a surprise to me as I thought every writer did. I began writing them before progressing to novels. I still love to write a short story and I’ve found a home for them in anthologies.

There are some great books around featuring a host of different writers. They can vary in length, some have stories up to 10K words, some have many stories, and some just a few.

We produced three anthologies here at Electric Eclectic and decided to go for a shorter book of just a few stories up to 3k. It gave an opportunity for the reader to discover Electric Eclectic authors, and should you find one you like, then check out their fuller works. I did that and found several writers with a style I enjoyed.

This are ours. They are perfect for you to allocate a little me time to sit and read in one weekend.

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