What are Electric Eclectic ‘Pocketbooks’?

We are often asked ‘what is a pocketbook’, especially when at book signings or book fairs.

Quite simply, Electric Eclectic pocketbooks are paperback books, just made smaller than a standard-sized paperback, this makes them easier to read when ‘on the move’.

Pocketbooks are just 4×6″, so are easily slipped into a handbag, rucksack, or indeed, as the name suggests, a pocket, (even the back pocket of your denim jeans… hence their name).

Apart from that, they are regular paperback books, some are full-length novels, some collections of short stories, others are Novellas. All are excellent reads.

Of course, Electric Eclectic has full-size paperbacks and eBook/Kindle books too.

Below is a selection of our current pocketbooks, visit @open24, our very own Amazon store where you can see all our books in one place.


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